How do we choose the right school bag for our child?

How do we choose the right school bag for our child?

Choosing a school and choosing the right ergonomic school bag is important for all of us. In order to ensure the health and comfort of our child, it is important to consider certain aspects.

Choosing the right school bag is crucial not only for learning, but also for healthy posture and physical and mental health.

So let's see what is worth paying attention to!

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Why ergonomics is so important?

The first and most important aspect is ergonomics. The design of ergonomic school bags pays special attention to the spine and back muscles, and distributes the load evenly. This way, the bag can be carried as comfortably and safely as possible. High-quality shoulder straps, a properly designed back, and a bag with a shape that adapts to the body all contribute to improving posture and avoiding possible injuries. If a bag is truly ergonomic, this fact must be certified by an official expert body. In the case of Belmi Premium backpacks, this official body is the German AGR.

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I want to check the importans of ergonomics!

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Everything about the school bag's material and size!

The material and size of the bags are also important aspects. The material of the bag must be durable, light and waterproof, while the size must correspond to the physical characteristics of the child. A bag that is too heavy and bags of the wrong size can lead to strain on the spine and painful muscles, so the empty weight of a bag should not exceed 1.5 kg!

Regarding the size, the degree of adjustability of the bag can be important, since a bag with a wide range of adjustments can better follow the rapid development of elementary school children. Belmil Premium school bags have adjustable straps at many points, so they can be easily adapted to the child's current body structure.

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How many pocket will be needed?

The number of compartments and pockets in the bag is also an important aspect. One of the main functions of a school bag is to store the things stored in it safely and neatly. Pockets and compartments allow different things to be separated, making it easier for the child to find their school supplies while creating their own system inside the bag.

Another purpose of the compartment placement is to evenly distribute the weight of the things packed in the bag, so the heavier and larger books are placed in the area close to the back, while the smaller pockets are further away.


The child's taste should come first!

Since the lurkers spend half the day next to their school bag, it is important that the appearance of their most important school supplies is also to their liking. For small children, external features are usually important, so the style and design of the school bag is also an important aspect. A stylish and fashionable bag adapted to the individuality of our child can also help promote trust, integration and a positive attitude.

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Choosing a school bag is a decision that has a long-term impact on the health and well-being of our child. It is important not only to choose based on style and price, but also to consider the aspects recommended by experts. Buying and using ergonomic school bags can help your child carry the necessary learning materials as comfortably and safely as possible. Choosing the right school bag not only improves posture, but also contributes to increasing the child's self-confidence and happiness. So let's choose wisely and carefully so that our child can go through the school years in safety and comfort!

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