Belmil Premium Ergonomics

Developed for growing children

The back panel can be adjusted to several height settings (S-M-L-XL-XXL), plus the shoulder straps are also adjustable on two points: on the upper part and the lower part.This way you can easily find the perfect fit for your child's height and body shape!

Adjustable back panel for body height

The lower part of the shoulder straps are also adjustable

Shoulder straps are adjustable on the upper part!

A healthy posture is above all else

As parents, we believe that maintaining correct posture is extremely important during the growing of our children. According to surveys, 50% of today's teenagers have posture problems, one of the main reasons for which is the use of low-quality school bags.

That is why our bags are equipped with special back-friendly solutions.

Padded S-shaped shoulder straps, which are strong and do not irritate the neck

Anatomically tested, multi-compartment hard foam backrest

Spine-friendly, hard-structured backrest helps the perfect weight distribution

Weight distribution of the bag

Weight distribution is very important for an ergonomic bag. Thanks to the internal storage design, heavy textbooks can be placed near the back of the bag with bands keeping them always in place. Chest strap and hip belt fixate the bag close to the body, relieving the spine from unnecessary burden!

Adjustable chest strap keeps the bag close to the body and provides optimal load distribution

Hip belt allows the weight to be transferred from the back to the pelvis. Plus, it is easily removable.

The braces help keep the bag upright, avoiding incorrect posture

Official German ergonomic accreditation

Our school bags have been inspected by a German committee of experts to see if they meet the ergonomic requirements in all respects. We are proud that our products perfectly meet the official ergonomic requirements and we can cooperate with the experts during our continuous development! Due to the joint work and the quality of our products, our school bags have earned the official seal of the AGR, which can be an important decision-making aid for our customers. Choose our school bags yourself and preserve your child's perfect health!

If you want to know more about the AGR certification of our products, you can get more information HERE!

Recommended by specialists and orthopedists

Belmil school bags are excellent examples of ergonomic school bags not only in the eyes of children, but also in the eyes of official specialists. Our results and developments have therefore been featured in the articles of the German AGR ergonomics magazine several times! You can view our latest appearance by clicking HERE!

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