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Pencil case

A pencil holder that meets the needs of every school student and contains all the tools that will be needed in a pencil holder for starting school! It is made of quality materials, with a strong zipper structure, and we also filled it with 24 premium quality STAEDTLER color pencils!

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Premium Gym bag

A unique Gym bag cannot be missing from a school child's accessories! Our Gym bags are made from premium materials, embellished accessories and exciting details. Use it as Gym bag in school or wear it everywhere as City bag! Check out our famous motives!

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Premium Petite bag

Petite is a trendy shoulder bag for girls who love fashion. Embellished accessories, quality materials and exciting, shiny elements make this bag truly unique. Wear it as a shoulder bag or simply detach the straps and use it as a trendy hand bag. The choice is yours!

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The materials of our bags are waterproof, but on the occasion of heavy rain, extra protection against dirt and moisture may be needed. We recommend a universal rain cover for all of our school bags!

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Our patches are the way to make children's bags really special and unique! They can express their mood, their interests, or reflect their colorful personality!  Choose from more than 20 types of patch packages, which can be purchased in 3 pieces/package. Have you collected all of them yet?

(Attention: They can only be placed on those bags for which we add 6 pieces as standard!)

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