Belmil and environmental protection

Find out everything about Belmil Premium's journey towards sustainability!

Buy less and use for longer!

During the production of school bags, we place great emphasis on quality, which is why our products can be used by children at school for many years without any problems.

Air quality comes first!

In the area next to our factory, we planted 5,000 caesar trees, which contribute to keeping the air clean and providing a pleasant climate with their canopy. Thats how we fight against the air pollution!

Renewable energy is the key to the future!

Our company is committed to the use of clean energy, so we covered the roof of our factory building with solar panels. Renewable energies are intended to cover the energy consumption of production machines from renewable sources!

We are building a carbon-neutral future!

We have established our supply chain in Europe, so our products get from the production line to the customers in the shortest possible way. Thanks to our logistics solutions, we can keep our CO2 emissions to a minimum.

We can officially confirm our efforts!

Our company complies with the current environmental protection guidelines, so our production processes were designed based on the ISO 14001 standard. We also expect compliance from our colleagues, so our company is characterized by environmentally conscious operation in its entirety!