What color and motif bag should we choose for our child?

What color and motif bag should we choose for our child?

Choosing a school bag is an important task for every parent, as it is not only the child's school equipment, but can even be a part of fashion in the life of the little ones. However, while parents tend to prioritize practicality and durability, kids tend to value looks and style. So how can you combine the two aspects and choose a school bag that meets everyone's needs?

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First of all, you should consider the child's age and style. For younger children, more playful, colorful patterns and bags decorated with characters usually come into question. Such can be, for example Daisy or Candy type. Older people prefer simpler, cleaner pieces, such as Serenity for girls and Twist of Lime for boys. When choosing a school bag, it is therefore worth adjusting the pattern and color to the child's age and personality.

Some Belmil school bag designs give you the opportunity to decorate the bags with unique Patches, making your child's bag even more unique!

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In addition to the pattern, it is also worth considering the material of the school bag. It should be durable, resistant and waterproof so that the child can safely transport his school supplies in all weather conditions. It is also easier to keep the quality material clean, which is not the last consideration for a bag used by a small child. That is why it is important that the selection of the school bag is not only suitable for current fashion, but also for long-term use. An ergonomic school bag can usually be used for 2-3 years, so it is worth choosing a bag that is timeless and will remain fashionable later on.

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