How to prepare children for school?

How to prepare children for school?

Enrolling in elementary school is one of the most important and exciting times in a young child's life, but it also requires a lot of preparation from parents. To ensure that children successfully adapt to the school environment, it is important to prepare them at home. Below are 8 tips for parents on how to prepare their children for elementary school. 

Talk to your child

The first and most important step is to have a conversation with your child. They need to understand what to expect in school. Discuss school routines, schedules, and activities. Ask them questions and encourage them to ask questions too. Be open and supportive.

Prepare children for school routines

Learning school routines is crucial to academic success. Children attending school need a consistent routine to support their learning. Prepare a healthy breakfast and get the necessary tools and clothes ready in the morning. Establish a consistent bedtime to ensure that children are well-rested and fresh for school.

 morning school routine

Play role-playing games

Role-playing games are great methods to prepare children for school. Playing at home helps children get used to the situations that may occur at school. Role-playing games help children better understand school routines. For example, you can play "teacher-student" games, where children can act as teachers and parents can act as students, and then switch roles. 

Read books

Reading is one of the best ways to prepare children for school. Books focusing on school topics, such as books that help develop math, writing, and reading skills, are a great way to help children learn these fundamental skills in a playful way.

prepare school

Visit the school area

It is important for children to become familiar with the school area. Visit the school area, walk around the building, check out the courtyards and playgrounds. If possible, attend the school's open day, where children can meet teachers and get a feel for school life. 

Take breaks

Elementary school learning requires a longer duration of concentration than pre-school learning. It is important for children to get used to sitting still and concentrating for longer periods. Try shorter sitting games that help develop concentration, but remember that breaks are important too. Take regular breaks when children can take a break from learning and refresh themselves.

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Let's encourage children

Enrolling in school is one of the most important steps in a child's life. Let's be there for them, encourage and support them to believe in their own abilities. Motivation is much more important than intelligence for school success. Let's talk to them about their strengths and help them discover what they are best at. 

Get ready to start!

Enrolling in school is always a stressful situation for a child: unfamiliar children and adults, a new building, challenging tasks. It is important that we do not stress the child during the adaptation period. One essential prerequisite for this is to get all necessary school supplies on time. Let's go through the list of mandatory equipment provided by schools and add the tools needed for home learning. For example, we can get the school bag well before the start of the school year! The school bag will be our child's "school friend" for many years, so let's ask for their opinion when buying it! With the tools acquired on time, the child can start getting acquainted with and getting used to them, so let's not leave the procurement until the end! Click on our article to find out how to choose a school bag for your child based on what criteria! 

Enrolling in school is one of the most exciting and important events in young children's lives. With preparation and preparation at home, they can spend an even more successful and happy time in school :)

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